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Help Jacob's Rehab After 30year Cancer Battle!

I am raising fund to support my rehabilitation after the 30 year traumatic experience with Sarcoma on my head, and also, to support the charity works I am doing to help revive hope in people with cancer and survivors in my community in Nigeria.

From ten, I have defied shame and setbacks associated with my prolonged and distressing cancer case to go through school, discover my gifts and developed them into useful tools to help myself, family, community and country. Today, I am not only a Playwright and Novelist, I am also an oncology researcher!

In 2016, I established the Lanre Jacob Sarcoma Cancer Foundation, and our National Cancer Awareness Project and Project Wound Care continue to help reduce cancer deaths in Nigeria (Please watch our attached video!)

I do not want to give up on my dreams!

Support my rehab and Help to keep this light burning…

All proceeds are going into my rehab. All donations are appreciated and I say many thanks for responding to share my story and to donate!

Lanre Jacob







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Lanre Jacob

Lanre Jacob


Team Goal : $10,000.00

My Commitment : $10,000.00

Amount raised : $155.00

Total raised by team : $155.00 / $10,000.00



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