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Support Clifford on Real Men Wear Pink by American Cancer Society.

I have a passion to fight financial toxicity of cancer and breast cancer in particular. This year, I decided to join the Real Men Wear Pink Club organized by American Cancer Society. To understand why I made this decision, it is good to know a little bit about my background which shaped my today.  

At 17, my mother wasdiagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer. As her caregiver, i saw her go throughthe pains of a lumpectomy and radical hysterectomy. These images neverdisappeared from my mind. My mother raised her 3 children working as a Clerkand trader. After 12 years of being gainfully employed, she was laid off. Her illness accelerated and placed a huge financial burden on my family for many years. 

Being the eldest childat home, I took a pause on my studies to provide much needed care whilemanaging all her affairs at the same time. With money earned through some business deals and financial assistance from family I paid her medical bills and other needs. 

My mother was neversure she would survive cancer, so the night before surgery, she handed to meher will. It was a very difficult moment and experience for both of us. We hugged each other in tears and said good night not knowing if we will have another chance. With surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy, my mother isa breast cancer survivor today after more than 20 years. 

When I look back at myexperience, in line with rising healthcare cost, I want to help many familiesaffected by cancer avoid the financial burden my family went through. So, in2011, I started working on an initiative that will help families financially. I was not just looking at a simple fundraising platform but one that actually differentiates families affected by cancer, boosts their image, help them gain donor confidence, receive money while giving money as well to other fundraisers.  

Why American Cancer Society?

American Cancer Society’s mission mirrors my vision and Just4Cancer’s mission. They are saving more lives from breast cancer than ever, funding grand breaking research and working daily to ensure access to mammograms for women who need them thus reducing financial toxicity of cancer on families.  

I pray you to support my team in wearing our first pink. 

Thank you for your support.


American Cancer Society Inc.







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Clifford Rhayns

Clifford Rhayns


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Easmond Hoansi

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Michael Chando

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Azefor BesongAsah

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Team Goal : $2,500.00

My Commitment : $1,000.00

Amount raised : $875.00

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